More on AutoLogon Lockout

Mike J. offers this tip relating to locking out the Shift key when

starting Windows 2000.

"Regarding getting Startup programs to run even if the shift key is

held down, the way to do this is to run the programs using 'Run' in

the registry. Click Start, Run, type regedit, and press Enter. Now,

navigate to


Create a string key named according to the program you want. Make

the string value equal to the full path of the program and include

any parameters you wish to pass.

"Once you've placed the programs here, you can remove them from the

startup group. They'll run at every logon, Shift key or no Shift


Thanks for the tip, Mike.

An easy way to do this without using RegEdit is to download a freeware

utility called RunServices. This program allows you to add and remove

programs from the registry 'Run' key.

You can get a copy of RunServices at

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