AutoLogon Questions and Answers

We recently published a reader tip on how to lock the Windows 2000

AutoLogon so that pressing Shift won't interrupt the logon. Reader

Henry W. has a question concerning that tip.

"Well that's good enough, especially suitable when using WinNT/2K

in a very public area. Now, how would we revert back? Previously,

pressing Shift would cancel the AutoLogon and thus allow you to log

on as Administrator. What about now?

How are we going to log back on as Administrator?"

A good question. You have to reverse the changes you made in the

registry. Instead of all that registry editing though, let's write a

pair of REG files to turn the AutoLogon lock on and off.

To create the two files, launch Notepad and enter the following as

shown below. Where you see PRESS ENTER, press Enter. Do not type in


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






Now, choose File, Save As, and name the file lock.reg. Locate a folder

for your new file and click Save. Leaving the file open, change the

line IgnoreShiftOverride to "IgnoreShiftOverride"="0"and choose File,

Save As, and name this file unlock.reg.

To lock out the Shift key override, double-click lock.reg. To unlock

it, double-click unlock.reg.

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