Windows and UNIX Training, Part 1: Why is IT Training More Important Now?

Despite the economic downturn, the need for trained IT professionals

will continue. This is particularly true for higher-end professionals

who manage sophisticated mixed Windows and UNIX environments. In this

series, I have turned to the person I consider the leader in vendor

neutral computer education, Deb Murray, President of Megamind, an

Institute of Advanced Training ( In this

newsletter, Deb discusses "Why is IT Training More Important Now?"

DEB MURRAY REPORTS: In these times of uncertainty, IT training is more

important now, then perhaps ever before. Corporations remain very

interested in obtaining and retaining IT staff with tangible skills and

diversity. Now is an excellent time to refine, retune, and retrain to

become an asset within an organization. It's a time to broaden your

skill set.

In any climate, the follow are valuable skills (or at least some

knowledge of):

1) Operating systems: Windows NT/2000, UNIX -- particularly

Solaris, and Linux)

2) Languages: Java, Perl, OO, XML, etc....

3) Web technology: Front-end and back-end

4) System integration

5) System security

Be in the know

Do your homework. Read technical publications and learn what's hot in

the marketplace. Read your local newspaper and see what skills are

being sought after in your local area. Visit the online job market Web

sites to see what jobs are available and the matching skill set that is


Become an expert.

If there's an area where you feel particularly knowledgeable such as

computer security or enterprise networks, then upgrade your skills with

leading edge training to learn the very latest. Often times, 'experts'

are sought after to speak at industry engagements, to write for trade

publications/newsletters, and to author books.

Broaden your horizon.

Reaching out and expanding your knowledge base is always wise. Although

you may have become an expert within a particular sector of your

organization, venture out to learn something new. Learning a new skill

will provide diversity to your repertoire.

Be prepared to make a commitment.

IT training is a lifelong commitment. With the constant changes in IT

technology, one should always be on the learning path. A path that will

provide eternal knowledge, fulfillment, and an invaluable skill set.

Deb Murray can be reached at Megamind 1-888-333-8649.

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