More on Send To

I recently published a tip describing how to add a printer, or any

other item, to the Windows 2000 Send To folder. However, a number of

readers have asked about adding an 'Any Folder' command to the Send To


This function first appeared (as far as I know) in the original Windows

95 PowerToys package. As we moved into Windows NT 4.0, people used the

Tweak UI utility from PowerToys, but many of the other utilities failed

to operate properly in NT.

I also like the 'Send To Any Folder' command so I use Trogladite

Software's SendTo 1.1. When you right-click a file or folder after

installing SendTo 1.1, you can choose Send To, Any Folder to open the

SendTo dialog box. The dialog box will display all your available disk

drives (including mapped drives). All you have to do is decide where

you want to copy or move a file.

I like Trogladite Software's SendTo 1.1 because of the flexibility it

offers. The freeware program runs in Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP Pro. To get

your copy, go to

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