Creating an MS-DOS Boot Disk


I recently said that an MS-DOS boot disk couldn't be created in Windows

2000. As several readers pointed out, this isn't quite true. An MS-DOS

boot disk can be created using files located on the Windows 2000

Professional CD.

Insert the Windows 2000 Professional CD. Open a command prompt and

switch to the CD by typing in the drive letter and pressing Enter. Type:


Press Enter. Now insert a disk into Drive A and then type:


Press Enter. After the disk is created, you can delete the unnecessary

files from the floppy.

We decided to use Windows Explorer to copy the files in

\Valueadd\3rdparty\Ca_Antiv to a new folder on Drive C (Boot_disk).

Then we created a new batch file to generate the boot disk and

automatically delete the unnecessary non-system files.

To create the batch file, run Notepad and enter the following:

@echo off

fd144 a: avboot


attrib a:*.* -r >null

del a:autoexec.bat

del a:avboot.exe



del a:virboot.dat

del a:*.txt


Choose File, Save As, and name the file bootdisk.cmd. Save bootdisk.cmd

in the Drive C folder that contains the contents of


To create a boot floppy, insert a disk into Drive A and double-click

bootdisk.cmd. If you need to create a boot disk very often, then you

can place a bootdisk.cmd shortcut on your desktop or in the Quick

Launch toolbar.

Windows XP Professional will create an MS-DOS boot disk. Just right-

click Drive A in My Computer and choose Format. When the Format dialog

box opens, select the 'Create an MS-DOS startup disk' check box and

click Start.

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