Booting in MS-DOS

Reader Steve P. sends in this question:

"I'm running Windows 2000 and want to upgrade my system BIOS. The

instructions say to create a bootable disk with the format a:/s

command. However, the /s doesn't work from the command line in

Windows 2000. If the new BIOS is to boot from a floppy, then how do

I create one?"

You need an MS-DOS system disk to boot the computer so you can change

the BIOS. You can create the disk using Windows 98/Me by typing format

a:/s from the command prompt. Once you've created the MS-DOS boot disk,

you can copy your BIOS files to it.

I don't run Windows 98 here anymore, so I created an MS-DOS system disk

using someone else's computer. I also started using a freeware program

called FloppyImage that allows you to make an image of your MS-DOS

system disk and then copy it to any floppy when needed.

You'll find FloppyImage at

Tweak UI for XP revisited

Several people have written indicating that a version of Tweak UI

exists for Windows XP. This is true, but the program is not readily

available at this time for anyone other than Windows XP beta testers.

Some users have said that the standard Tweak UI Repair modes can cause

some problems in XP. I have not encountered any but you should be

careful with Tweak UI all the same.

XP's recording tools don't stack up

Several readers asked if you a full 80 minutes of audio can be recorded

using the Windows XP recording tools. I tried this and had no problems

at all. However, I have to admit that I'd rather use Nero

( to create any discs.

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