An Alternative Tweak Tool

Reader James K. suggests an alternative to Tweak UI.

"Although I like the Tweak UI tool, and have used it for a long

time, I have recently come across a much more powerful and

comprehensive tool called X-Setup. This is a free utility, which

is Web enabled for updates. Assuming they are interested in really

getting inside NT/2K, this tool will give your readers the power

they never thought possible.

Also, please remember to run the X-Update function before you

start looking for all the tweak options/features, as the Web

update adds extra useful tweaks. Having run the X-Update, set

aside one to two hours to check through all the possible tweaks

you can make with this app. It's pretty impressive to say the


Thanks for the tip, James.

We have also looked at X-Setup and agree that it is an impressive tool.

We must caution everyone that it requires a bit more caution than does

Tweak UI though. So, if you decide to try X-Setup, then make sure that

you understand what changes you're making before you make them.

To read more about Xteq Systems' X-Setup, and to download a copy, go to

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