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This time let's look at a couple of reader tips, but first, a request:

please send email to nt@w4ky.com. This will make it much easier for me

to sort the mail. Thanks.

Here's a tip from reader Warren M.:

"In the past I was reluctant to use Tweak UI to setup automatic

logon in Windows 2000 because the password appeared in


NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon using plain language. However, when you

use the latest version of Tweak UI, the password no longer appears

at this location. Instead, it is encrypted in


Reader Chiara F. offers a Task Scheduler tip:

"I recently wanted to use Task Scheduler to run a program every

hour. Task Scheduler doesn't directly support this option, but I

discovered an alternate method. First, open Task Scheduler

(click 'Start, Settings, Control Panel,' and double-

click 'Scheduled Tasks'). Double-click 'Add Scheduled Task'. This

will open the Scheduled Task Wizard. Click 'Next' to continue and

set up the first occurrence of your new task. Click 'Finish' to

close the dialog box and save your changes.

Now, double-click your new task to open it and then click the

Schedule tab. Now click 'Advanced'. Select the check box

labeled 'Repeat task' and then specify the time interval in

minutes or hours. Next, select the 'Duration' radio button and

specify the length of time you want your program to repeat. For

example, if you need a program to repeat every 10 minutes for an

eight hour period, enter 10 minutes as your time and eight hours

as the duration."

Thanks for the tips, Warren and Chiara.

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