Reader Comments and Suggestions

Reader Chris A. offers this suggestion on making boot disks:

"After reading your article about making boot disks, I wanted to

share another resource. This site has saved me many headaches Not only does this site handle the windows

platform, but it also has some off the wall boot disks too."

Thanks for the information, Chris.

Here's one from Rob I. on making boot floppies from Windows NT 4.0 CD:

"Even if you aren't running NT but you have some other version of

Windows running and a CD-ROM drive, then you don't have to reboot

to MS-DOS to make floppies. You still just load the NT CD-ROM and

run WINNT32 /OX from the CD-ROM. It will create the floppies. You

can install NT that way, too."

Thanks, Rob, you are correct.

Finally, Tom N. (and several other readers) sent in another method of

finding BIOS information in Windows NT 4.0:

"I would like to add another way to find the BIOS Version and Date

for Windows NT4.0. Click Start, Programs, Administrator Tools

(Common), and Windows NT Diagnostics. Under the System Tab you will

find the BIOS information, which includes version and date."

Thanks for the tip, Tom, and thanks to everyone else who suggested the

same method.

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