Making Setup Floppy Disks

Several readers have asked about making setup floppy disks for Windows

NT 4.0 and Windows 2000. Even if you usually boot from the CD, it's not

a bad idea to keep a set of floppies.

To make a set of floppies in Windows NT 4.0, make sure you have three

blank floppy disks available. Insert the Windows NT 4.0 installation CD

into the CD-ROM drive and click Start and Run. Now type:

drive:\i386\winnt32 /ox

"Drive" represents the CD-ROM drive letter. Now press Enter and NT will

now prompt you to insert the blank floppies to create your NT 4 setup


If you're not running in Windows NT 4.0 but you need some boot floppies

right away, then boot the computer in MS-DOS, making sure that you have

a DOS driver for the CD-ROM drive (a Windows 98 startup disk will do).

Now, navigate to drive\i386 and type:

winnt /ox

Press Enter and you will be prompted to insert the three floppies.

To create boot floppies for Windows 2000, prepare four blank floppy

disks and insert the Windows 2000 CD-ROM. Click Start and Run. Now type:

drive:\bootdisk\makeboot.bat a:

You'll be prompted to insert the fours disks in sequence.

The procedure for Windows 2000 is the same if you boot to MS-DOS. Just

make sure your boot disk loads a CD-ROM driver.

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