Backing up Windows2000 Pro

A question from reader Adnan A.:

"I believe that almost every business using Windows2000 Pro or

Windows 2000 Advanced Server will be concerned with backing up

Windows 2000, where the "blue screen of death" will require a

reinstall. Could you give us more information on how to back up

Windows2000 Pro?"

After installing Windows, we make a backup to a single RW-CD using

Norton Ghost 2000 (2001 is out now). Then, after we install all the

primary software (Office, Visual Basic, video and audio programs,

etc.), we create a backup file on the computer that we use as a file,

print, and mail server with Windows 2000 Backup.

If we have a disastrous crash, then we can restore the basic Win 2000

installation with Ghost and everything else with Windows 2000 Restore.

We can be completely restored in about an hour using this method.

Programs exist, other than Norton Ghost, that will do the job, but we

happen to have Norton Ghost and have not tried any others. You can find

information about Ghost at

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