More on Folder Location

I recently discussed moving folders such as Mail and Favorites to a

safer location. Regarding the folder article, I received the following

question from reader Robert P.:

"I also move all of my user folders into locations and safe places

I prefer. But I don't know how to move the quick launch folder.

Any idea about that one?"

I like to put folders containing my applications and utilities into the

Quick Launch bar. For example, I have a folder for MS Office,

Utilities, Applications, CD programs, and Web-related programs. I like

to apply descriptive icons to these folders for easy identification, so

I create a folder on Drive D named QuickLaunch. Then, I create all the

desired folders in QuickLaunch. Next, I run Windows Explorer and drag

shortcuts of all the folders to C:\Documents and

Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet

Explorer\Quick Launch (in my case).

To create the shortcuts, I press Ctrl + A to select all the folders in

QuickLaunch and then use the right mouse button to drag the icons to

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application

Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch. When the menu appears, I

select 'Create Shortcut(s) Here'.

To change the icons, I right-click each folder in the Quick Launch bar

and select Properties. When the dialog box opens, I click Change Icon,

locate a new icon, and double-click to accept it. Finally, I just click

OK to close the dialog box and apply the new icon.

You may not wish to duplicate what I'm doing, but this might give you

some ideas about the Quick Launch folders.

On a more personal note, please use to send in tips or

questions. This is the only way I can separate the e-mail to make sure

I see your message. If you send messages to, then there's

a good chance that they will get lost in the spam.


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