Windows XP and Java

I frequently receive the question: "Is it true that Microsoft is

leaving Java support out of Windows XP?" The answer is yes, XP includes

no built-in Java support. Although this may prove somewhat of a pain

initially, it really doesn't mean that you can't properly access

Internet sites that use Java -- Internet Explorer will prompt you to

download a JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

The JVM download is 5 MB and took almost no time using a cable

connection. However, the time is significant for those using a modem to

connect to the Internet. Also, Sun is working on plans to make a JVM

download available from their site. The Sun JVM is expected to run with

any program in Windows XP, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. So,

users probably have little to worry about.

Interestingly enough, the whole scenario appears to have resulted from

a Sun lawsuit filed in 1997 claiming that Microsoft violated its Java

licensing contract. In a portion of this lawsuit's settlement, Sun

agreed to let Microsoft use their JVM (already four years old at that

time) for seven years. Microsoft could not use any new versions of the

JVM. In April of this year, Microsoft apparently decided to stop using

the old JVM and to not include the software in Microsoft Internet

Explorer 6.

So, let's just download the JVM and watch the legal battles.

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