Toggling Per-session Cookies in IE 5.x

Reader Cad D. offers a Win2000/NT/IE tip:

"If your management has a no cookies policy, you already may have

discovered that many Web sites -- especially vendor sites

requiring a login -- require that you allow per-session cookies

during your session. These cookies prevent you from having to

login again whenever you change pages, and they are deleted when

you close your IE session.

Toggling per-session cookies is usually done with the IE Properties

dialog, but I managed to track down the Registry key involved and

produced two REG files that I can double-click while IE is running

to toggle the setting at will. As always, take great care when

amending the Registry though, and be sure to fully backup the

Registry first. Any problems or losses caused by attempting to

implement this solution are entirely your own responsibility.

The following three-line .REG file changes the 'per-session

cookies' value in IE 5.x to 'Disable.' Note the 'Zones\3' part of

the key name below. This line applies the change to the 'Internet

Zone' in IE. Browse the Registry key to determine the correct

number to substitute for other Zones. The keys below 'Zones' each

contain a 'Display Name' value (e.g., 'Trusted Zones'), so it's

easy to work out the correct Zone number.

To create the REG files, run Notepad and enter the following as

shown below. Where you see PRESS ENTER HERE, press Enter. Please

don't type in PRESS ENTER HERE.






Choose File, Save As, name the file, and click Save. Now you can

choose File, New, and create the following companion REG file that

changes the 'per-session cookies' value in IE 5.x to Prompt, which

is my preferred value (if you'd prefer Enable, change the 1 in the

last line to 2).






Place these two .REG files on your desktop and you can double-click

the appropriate file as you enter and leave 'cookies required'

sites. This is faster, easier, and less error-prone than the IE

Properties dialog."

Thanks for the tip, Cad.

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