Windows XP and CD Recording

In Windows XP, you can copy files and folders to a CD-RW disc just as

you would to a floppy. Using Windows Explorer, you simply drag folders

and files to the empty CD-RW. When you have copied all the necessary

data to the CD, right-click the CD and choose 'Write these files to

CD'. XP will now record the files. If you want a more permanent backup

disc, then you can copy your files to a blank CDR instead of a

rewritable disc.

If you'd like to record an audio CD, then you can simply drag WAV, WMA,

or MP3 files to the CDR icon. XP will open Windows Media Player so you

can preview your final track selection and deselect any that you don't

want to include. Now, click the 'Copy Music' button and the Media

Player will convert the files for you and produce an audio disc.

To erase the CD-RW, you can right-click the CD in Windows Explorer, or

My Computer and choose 'Erase this CD-RW'. .

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