Exciting Jini News

5th Jini Community Meeting

In case you missed it, there will be a Jini Community Meeting in

December. After much lobbying, some Dutch folk managed to get the

circus over to our side of the pond, so for all you Europeans it might

be a good idea to come over to Amsterdam. The meeting will be held 11

and 12 December right in the heart of the city and, as usual, will have

an agenda full of presentations and discussions about both Jini

technology and community governance. The last ones have been great fun,

so it's worth the trip. As usual, http://www.jini.org/ has all the


Jini 1.1 is out

Last week, Sun released the Jini Technology Starter Kit version 1.1. It

is the first production version after a series of pre-releases, so for

people who have worked with these former versions there are no


An important thing for those who had their doubts about the complex Sun

Community Source License (SCSL) that came with previous versions is

that the TSK has been upgraded to SCSL version 3. This license is much

simpler to understand, so mere mortals now actually stand a chance of

deciding whether they can work with the license without having to

consult a lawyer.

You can download Jini 1.1 from

http://www.sun.com/software/communitysource/jini/download.html, after

you've agreed to the license.

Compared to Jini 1.0, the software features a number of new services.

In the coming week, I'll present the whole menagerie of standard

service implementations present in Jini 1.1.

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