The Sweet Sound of Linux

Linux offers enthusiasts and professionals alike a lot of music

software options. From editors to sequencers, Linux's variety of tools

are giving Windows and MacOS users some competition

Brahms, named after the composer, is a professional music editor and

sequencer for Linux. The stated project goal is to match what CuBase

provides for Windows and MacOS users for Linux. Brahms's KDE interface,

which you can see at, is packed with

features but still sports a professional look. Brahms can be downloaded

from and more

information awaits at

Other Linux music programs include notation programs such as Common

Music Notation (CMN), LilyPond, and GUIDO. CMN (http://www- runs on top of a Common LISP system on

Linux, MacOS, SGI Irix, or NeXTStep systems. The GNU LilyPond package

( produces sheet music from simple text

input. GUIDO's (

music notation system is based on a simple open format.

For editing music, NoteEditor has a nice-looking user interface and

supports several music features. NoteEditor can be found at

A long listing of Linux music software resides at and at As you will see, Linux has

amassed quite a lot of packages to throw up against the other operating


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