A Stable Mozilla?

The latest Mozilla Web browser, 0.9.3, has just been released and the

testimonials are pouring in that this is one of the most stable

versions yet. That's great news, since Mozilla has a reputation for

unstable code and frequent crashes.

Mozilla is the open-source version of the Netscape Web browser. The

Mozilla project (http://www.mozilla.org) has been building towards a

Mozilla 1.0 release for years and each release keeps getting better.

Since some of the early releases were essentially unusable, the Mozilla

project's progress is really good. The 0.9.3 version number reflects

the closeness to the long-awaited 1.0 release.

Each Mozilla release adds a number of new features, solves some

problems, and includes some system requirements in order to run. The

changes in the 0.9.3 release include fixing the top 16 bugs that caused

Mozilla 0.9.2 to crash and a number of other minor fixes. Some of the

issues are related to specific Linux distributions, so I recommend you

read the Mozilla release notes at

http://www.mozilla.org/releases/mozilla0.9.3 prior to installing it.

The main news here are the claims of increased stability, though.

Created when Netscape opened the source code for their Navigator Web

browser, Mozilla is one of the most well known open source projects.

Current versions of Netscape 6 are based on Mozilla code. Specifically,

the Netscape 6.1 preview release, available at

http://home.netscape.com/browsers/6/index61pr.html?cp=dowpod61pr, is

based on Mozilla 0.9.1. You can try the Netscape version or download

the open source Mozilla from

http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla/releases/mozilla0.9.3. You can get

Red Hat package manager RPM files built for Red Hat Linux 7 at



The more than 30 Mozilla add-on projects listed at

http://www.mozdev.org/projects.html are also interesting. These

projects are worked on outside of the Mozilla.org organization.

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