feh on You

feh (http://www.linuxbrit.co.uk/feh) is an image-viewing application

for Linux based on the still-evolving imlib2 library from

http://www.rasterman.com as part of the famed Enlightenment window

manager. feh provides both single-image viewing as well as the ability

to run a slide show.

feh can create image montages and image thumbnails to allow you to

quickly find the images you want. feh can also load images from a URL

over an HTTP link, which is handy for viewing remote images from

another Web site.

For scriptwriters, feh can output a list of images similar to the file

lists output by the ls command. feh, though, can also output image

sizes such as width and height. This can be very useful for image

cataloging scripts.

Once you load images, you can zoom, pan, rotate, sharpen, smooth, and

manipulate the images. feh is an image viewer, not an editor though.

For image editing, you probably want to use an application such as the

Gimp (http://www.gimp.org).

feh isn't the only image viewer out there, and both the KDE and GNOME

desktops include built-in image-viewing applications. Other image

viewers include gThumb (http://gthumb.sourceforge.net), GNOME Photo

Collector (http://gpc.sourceforge.net), and ShowImg

(http://ric.jalix.org/progs/ShowImg). However, my favorite image viewer

remains the shareware xv from http://www.trilon.com/xv.

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