How to Find Your MAC Address

Reader Palmer B. has a Windows 2000 question:

"I need to locate the MAC address of my NIC card. So far, I have been

able to find out about a program in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit that

will display the MAC address for you. However, I don't really need the

Resource Kit -- I just need to find my MAC address. Do you know of a

way to get the MAC address without buying the Resource Kit?"

Several different methods can locate the MAC (Medium Access Control)

address in Windows 2000. The easiest way being to open the Command

Prompt, type ipconfig/all, and press Enter. The resulting data string

labeled 'Physical Address' is the MAC address. By the way, the

Resource Kit utility used to find the MAC address (getmac.exe) is

free. Go to and download Unzip getmac.exe to your folder of choice and then run it

from the Command Prompt window.

While visiting the site, you may notice Microsoft offers quite a few

free Resource Kit utilities. Download some and take a look. You may

find you can use many of them.

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