Viewing NTFS disks from MS-DOS

Reader Rob W. asks:

"Is there any way to create a boot disk that allows access to NTFS


Sysinternals offers NTFSDOS, a utility that allows access to NTFS

volumes from MS-DOS. A freeware version of NTFSDOS lets you read NTFS

volumes, but does not allow you to write to them. However, if your

computer also has a FAT32 or FAT volume, you can copy files from the

NTFS volumes to the FAT volumes.

To make a boot disk incorporating NTFSDOS, first you need to create a

bootable floppy using Windows 98, SE, ME, or MS-DOS. After you create

the floppy, copy NTFSDOS.EXE to it. We added Xcopy, Doskey, and Format

to our boot disk for convenience, but none of these files are necessary

to run NTFSDOS.

You can now create an Autoexec.bat file using the following commands:

@echo off



When you boot from your new floppy, NTFSDOS will mount your NTFS

volumes for reading.

To write to your NTFS volumes, you need to use NTFSDOS Professional.

You can download NTFSDOS and a NTFSDOS Professional trial (read-only)

copy at If

you wish to purchase NTFSDOS Professional, the price is $199.

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