Using NT on a Personal Computer

Here is a question from reader, Tom:

"Our office has an information system installed (grant from Japanese

government) using a server and several workstations. The system uses

Windows NT as the OS for the server. I kind of like the NT system

features. Can NT be installed on an ordinary PC (not a server) and

still function as a 'server' to other PCs?

My officemate, the one in-charge of the system, says NT is only for

servers. I think it can be otherwise."

You are right Tom, it can be otherwise. You can install Windows NT on

your computer and use it on the network. However, there are a few

potential problems you might encounter. First of all, some of your

software may not run in Windows NT. Although most standard business

software packages will have no problem, many utilities that run in

Windows 9x will not run properly in Windows NT.

Also, we would not suggest installing Windows NT Server on your

personal computer. Instead, we suggest that you use either Windows NT

4.0 Workstation or Windows 2000 Professional. Having said that, you

need to be aware that some software running in Windows 9x and Windows

NT may not run in Windows 2000 Professional.

Before you install either NT or 2000 Professional, you should ensure

all the software you need to use will run properly. You can get some

information on upgrading to Windows 2000 at

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