Dual Booting with BootIt Next Generation

Some time back, we discussed multiple booting with Windows NT 4.0

Workstation and Windows 2000 Professional. At that time, we suggested

that you try BootIt Direct from TeraByte Unlimited. This boot manager

makes the multibooting task much easier.

TeraByte now offers BootIt Next Generation (NG). This product will do

everything that BootIt Direct does, and much more. You can use BootIt

NG to boot from multiple partitions and multiple operating systems on a

single partition. You can also use it to size and move existing


BootIt NG will install into any partition you choose, or you can let it

install itself into a separate partition. From a separate partition, it

can handle your booting needs without any dependence on a particular OS

or its partition.

BootIt NG has an attractive and functional user interface. You can use

a mouse or the keyboard to make your selections. You decide what goes

into the boot list and you set the names as you wish. If you need to

use more than one operating system on your computers, you owe it to

yourself to take a look at BootIt Next Generation.

You can Download BootIt Next Generation for a 30-day trial.

Registration is $29.95. You'll find the product at


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