Sygate adds antivirus, wireless to Secure Enterprise –

Sygate Technologies Inc. announced a new version of its Sygate Secure Enterprise security policy enforcement product Monday, adding checks for updated antivirus software and wireless networking.

Sygate Secure Enterprise (SSE) is a client-server package that offers firewall, intrusion detection, authentication and policy enforcement across corporate networks, as well as on remote clients. The new version of the software, version 2.2, adds Host Integrity and Wireless Enforcer checks to the list of security policies overseen by the product.

The Host Integrity feature of SSE 2.2 offers the ability to enforce policies on third-party products, not just SSE, Sygate said in a release. The first such third-party product category to be covered by Host Integrity is antivirus software. SSE 2.2 checks any system on a network, be it local or remote, for the presence of antivirus software and up-to-date antivirus definitions. SSE will block network access to those computers that do not pass both checks, the company said. Other categories of third-party products will be added to the Host Integrity check later, Sygate said.

SSE 2.2 also adds the Wireless Enforcer security module to address the vulnerabilities of wireless networks, vulnerabilities that often let nonemployees onto corporate networks. Wireless Enforcer checks systems trying to access the corporate network over a wireless connection to make sure they are running the SSE desktop agent software and have up-to-date company security policies, Sygate said. If the agent or policies, as well as up-to-date antivirus software, are not present, the PC is blocked from gaining access to the network, the company said.

All connection attempts, and their success or failure under both Host Integrity and Wireless Enforcer, are logged for later viewing by administrators, the company said.

SSE 2.2 runs on Windows 2000 servers running Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services). The software is immediately available worldwide with the Management Server component priced at US$5,000 and clients ranging between $40 and $60 each. Wireless Enforcer starts at $2,500.

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