Handspring launches two new Visors, camera

As expected, Handspring Inc. introduced two new models in its Visor family of handhelds, including the Visor Pro, with 16M bytes of memory.

The company launched the Visor Pro, which has twice as much storage as previous models, and the entry level Visor Neo, Handspring said in a statement. The launch of both models was confirmed by a Handspring spokeswoman last week.

Both models are based on the 33MHz Dragonball VZ processor from Motorola Inc., the same processor used by Handspring's high-end Visor Prism and Visor Edge. The Dragonball VZ is the fastest processor available for devices running Palm Inc.'s operating system, Handspring said in a statement.

"Basically, they are retiring the Platinum and the Deluxe; these will replace those," said Todd Kort, principal analyst with Gartner Inc.

The Visor Platinum is priced at US$199, while the Visor Deluxe is the company's lowest priced model, at $169. Both have 8M bytes of memory.

The 16M-bytes of memory on the Visor Pro is the biggest improvement, he said. "If you're a heavy data user, you might find that unit attractive," he said.

The Visor Pro costs $299, and the Visor Neo is priced at $199, Handspring said. Both models are available immediately in the U.S.

Handspring also launched the eyemodule2 digital camera, which slides into the Springboard slot on the back of its Visors. The camera can take digital still images and video, which can be beamed to other devices running Palm's OS through the infrared port, or transferred to computers through synchronization, Handspring said in a statement. The eyemodule2 is available for $199.

Handspring, in Mountain View, California, can be reached on +1-650-230-5000 or http://www.handspring.com/.

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