Novell's Volera finds life

Well, it took 'em long enough. Network World broke the story about Novell spinning off its caching business back in November. The spinoff, called Volera and officially announced last week, will develop and sell Novell's Internet Caching System and Content Exchange. Both products speed delivery of 'Net content.

According to our story, Volera will be majority backed by Novell, with investments from Nortel Networks and Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting). In exchange for equity positions, Novell, Nortel and Accenture will provide Volera with over $80 million in cash. Now Volera is hitting the market at a point where some of its potential competition is taking a hit. For example, CacheFlow and Network Appliance are having some financial difficulties, according to published reports. Big players such as Cisco and Inktomi are putting resources toward this market as well - potentially making competitive life even rougher for Volera. It's early I know, but it seems to me that Volera better hit the ground running. For the Volera story click here.

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This story, "Novell's Volera finds life" was originally published by Network World.

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