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Of the three newsletters I write for Network World Fusion, this one on NetWare has by far the smallest readership. But it may also be the most knowledgeable readership - or at least the most contentious!

Occasionally, there's an anomaly introduced into the text of a newsletter. Perhaps I hit a wrong key, an editor makes a subtle change or a source gives me not-quite-accurate information. If I were a politician, I'd claim that I "misspoke." If I were a software application, it would be called a "bug." But I'm a writer, so I can claim it’s an "anomaly."

At any rate, last week's newsletter about NetWare and NTP time servers set off a deluge of reader e-mail pointing out a number of anomalies in the text. So, for the record:

* The TIMESYNC.NLM with NTP support runs on NetWare 4 as well as NetWare 5.

* Brad Clements’ RDATE.NLM (from also works with NTP servers.

* "Pure IP" is used with NetWare 5 to differentiate it from the encapsulated "NetWare/IP" used to communicate with NetWare 3.x and 4.x servers. It does not refer to an environment without IPX.

* The TIMESYNC.NLM works quite well in a mixed IP/IPX NetWare 5 environment.

Now that we've cleared that up, in the next newsletter we can get on to the announcements at this week's BrainShare conference.

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