Microsoft evaluation offer

You can be forgiven if you've perhaps overlooked one or two of the new servers or services Microsoft has released as part of the .Net blitz. Not all will be of interest to every enterprise, of course, but at least one or two should work well in your environment.

Microsoft has made available evaluation versions of the software - typically a 120-day license - which you can download (or you can order it on CD for a nominal fee). It should help you evaluate what might be of benefit to you.

The following are available under this program:

* Application Center 2000 - You'll need a Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 1. Creating a load-balanced cluster will require two Windows 2000 Servers.

* BizTalk Server 2000 - This requires SQL Server 2000, or an existing installation of SQL Server 7.0 SP2 or higher. BizTalk Server can be installed on the same machine. The Evaluation Edition requires Visio 2000 SR-1 to be installed with the client tools.

* Commerce Server 2000 - This also requires SQL Server 2000 or an existing installation of SQL Server 7.0, SP2 or higher plus Internet Explorer 5.5 and Windows 2000 Server with SP1.

* Exchange 2000 Server - Requires a Windows 2000 Server.

* Host Integration Server 2000 - Can be installed on Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, SP6 or a Windows 2000 Server.

* Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 - Requires a Windows 2000 Server.

* SQL Server 2000 - Requires Windows NT 4.0, SP5+, or Windows 2000 Server.

You can even get a 120-day evaluation version of Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Note that you can use the evaluation versions of Windows 2000 server and SQL Server 2000 for those services which require them - just be sure to install them at the same time so that the licenses will run concurrently.

Get all the details on this program at, which also contains the links to descriptions of the benefits and services offered by each of the server products. All can be downloaded, except Windows 2000 Advanced Server, which must be ordered on CD.

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