NIAP Secure E-Business Executive Summit

I recently received the following announcement from Ron Ross, Director of NIAP, and feel that many readers will be interested in this conference.

With the ending of the National Information Systems Security Conferences that were sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Computer Security Center, this is one of the opportunities for government and business information security experts to share knowledge and forge alliances.

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Secure E-Business Executive Summit

May 7-9, 2001

Crystal City Hilton

Arlington, Va.

The Federal CIO Council and the Department of Defense CIO are co-hosting the Spring Secure E-Business Executive Summit addressing the latest strategies, architectures and technologies for e-government.

The Secure E-Business Executive Summit is a best practices seminar for government IT leaders, standards communities, integrators and industry practitioners.

The Secure E-Business Executive Summit is a collaboration among the Federal CIO Council, the National Imagery & Mapping Agency, the National Information Assurance Partnership, National Institute of Standards and Technology, National Security Agency, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Canadian Department of National Defense, the Object Management Group, the U.S. General Services Administration, the Computer & Communications Industry Association, the Center for Internet Security and the Council for Excellence in Government.

Your attendance and support of the Secure E-Business Executive Summit is requested. Please join us so we may all better learn how to transform our business processes into secure E-business solutions. For more information about the conference please visit the Secure E-Biz Web site located at:

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In case you aren’t aware of NIAP, the National Information Assurance Partnership, it was founded in response to the findings and recommendations of the President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection:

Its report came out in October 1997. NIAP’s objectives are to:

* Promote the development and use of evaluated IT products and systems.

* Champion the development and use of national and international standards for IT security.

* Foster development of IT security requirements, test methods, tools, techniques and assurance metrics.

* Support a framework for international recognition and acceptance of IT security evaluation results.

* Facilitate the development and growth of a commercial IT security testing industry within the U.S.

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