Verizon to begin 3G roll out this year –

The race is on between Sprint Corp. and Verizon Wireless Inc. to roll out 3G (third-generation) wireless services in the U.S. Verizon Wireless announced Wednesday (8/1/01) that it would deploy 1XRTT wireless network services capable of 144K bps (bits per second) data transmissions in the area of New York and New Jersey near its Bedminster, N.J., headquarters by year's end.

The network is already in place, according to the company, but 3G handsets have not yet been fully tested. The company expects to have the 3G cell phones in hand in the fourth quarter.

Sprint continues to affirm plans to migrate to 3G services by the end of the year, with a limited rollout in a to-be-named city and full deployment by the middle of 2002.

Last month, AT&T Wireless Inc. announced the availability of GPRS (general packet radio services) in the Seattle area. GPRS is considered 2.5G services -- slower than 3G but an improvement over the current generation of wireless data transmission.

Verizon Wireless, in Bedminster, New Jersey, can be contacted at

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