News from Networld + Interop 2001 –

Nortel unveils 10 Gigabit Ethernet strategy Company's technology aimed at simplifying network management and speeding traffic between the enterprise and long-haul optical connection points.

Visual Networks monitors DSL, VPN links

Visual Networks' monitoring software will soon make it easier for service providers and enterprises to troubleshoot problems with DSL and VPN services.-- 5/9/2001 Network World

LightPointe beaming faster

Enterprises looking for high-bandwidth links between nearby corporate sites have a new option from free-space laser specialist LightPointe. -- 5/8/2001 Network World

Intel's Barrett bolsters the Internet as a 'growth engine'

Orders for equipment may have slowed, but not the pace of technology, said Intel Corp. CEO Craig Barrett in his opening address at the internetworking conference and expo Networld+Interop today. -- 5/8/2001 Computerworld

Microsoft ready to spring into management

On Monday at NetWorld+Interop, the company said that in June it will begin shipping its Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), an event and performance monitoring tool.-- 5/8/2001 Network World

Products at NetWorld + Interop 2001

Affordable networking will be an important theme at NetWorld+Interop 2001. Network management, VPNs (virtual private networks), network security, products based on Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows NT, wireless and broadband LANs, and SANs (storage area networks) will be areas of interest.-- 5/7/2001

Interop no-shows reflect slowdown in economy

While most of the usual suspects will be erecting booths on the show floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center this week, a few high-profile IT companies have elected to skip this year's NetWorld+ Interop 2001 trade show. Meanwhile, show organizers claim it's business as usual for networking's largest trade show-- 5/7/2001 Network World

Make way for new management tools

A slew of vendors will introduce products and services in Las Vegas this week designed to help firms strapped for cash and IT staffers manage their networks more easily and less expensively.-- 5/7/2001 Network World

Start-up touts better streaming

A group of former Bell Labs scientists is looking to overcome the problem of Internet congestion degrading the quality of streaming media.-- 5/7/2001 Network World

Vendors look to shine light on InfiniBand

InfiniBand companies this week will show switches and network adapters at NetWorld+Interop to IT professionals who are largely unaware of the high-speed interface they would use in servers to relieve network congestion.-- 5/7/2001 Network World

10 Gigabit Ethernet to step into N+I spotlight

The amount of 10 Gigabit Ethernet network gear being introduced and demonstrated at NetWorld+ Interop 2001 this week means enterprise users could get the high-speed LAN technology in their networks sooner rather than later, and next-generation Ethernet services could be around the corner.-- 5/7/2001 Network World

N+I: The network is as crucial as ever

The network is a crucial element for today's corporations and service providers. IT managers know networking never sits still, and so they will eagerly view new ways to protect, manage, and store data on networks at the Networld+Interop conference.-- 5/4/2001

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