NW200: Procket Networks profile

Trying to maintain a low profile, Procket Networks has released few details about its high-performance, scalable Internet infrastructure products under development. But the company is still generating a great deal of buzz because of its founders' reputations.

Procket was formed two years ago by a trio of network superstars: Tony Li, a Juniper Networks founder and former router designer for Cisco; William Lynch, lead architect for Sun's next high-performance microprocessor; and Sharad Mehrotra, who led a Sun initiative to accelerate Java performance on the Sparc processor line.

Talent such as this is attracting other respected industry veterans, including Randall Kruep, a former senior vice president of Redback Networks who joined Procket last month as CEO. Procket also hired Bob Howard-Anderson, a former vice president of engineering at Sun, as its vice president of product operations.

Procket hasn't said when it will ship its first products, but it announced that MetroMedia Fiber Network is one of seven carriers testing its software. Industry insiders believe Procket is developing a high-speed backbone routing system that will compete against Cisco and Juniper.

With such competition, Procket is a bit stiff. Procket employees work around-the-clock and on weekends without such typical Silicon Valley distractions as foosball championships and happy hours. The management team says it wants all employees focused on delivering products.

This story, "NW200: Procket Networks profile" was originally published by Network World.

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