Books on building Win 2000 intranets

Do you know of any books that will help us build an intranet with Windows 2000 Server? All I can find are books on building intranets with NT 4.0.

The Win 2000 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Training Kit books from Microsoft Press can help translate NT 4.0 guidelines into the Win 2000 environment. The Guide for MCSE Exam 70-222, "Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 2000," walks you through the initial upgrade and describes DNS, Active Directory, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and Group Policy implementation. The guide for Exam 70-125, "Microsoft Windows 2000 Server," provides additional details and includes a chapter on Windows 2000 application servers. It also devotes more than 50 pages to administering a Web environment under Win 2000. The guide for Exam 70-126, "Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Administration," includes lots of information on TCP/IP networking and security configuration under Win 2000.

I'd also recommend the guide for Exam 70-127, "Windows 2000 Active Directory Services," to help make the most of integration between the operating system and Active Directory resource controls. Other Microsoft resources include the Internet Information Server and/or Site Server documentation, depending on which server you're deploying, and tech support resources online.

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