Hit me, baby!

We talk a lot about Web-site hits as a measure of success for an online offering, but hits don’t tell the whole story without a lot of additional data and analysis.

Accrue Hit List from Accrue Software (http://www.accrue.com/) is a Web analysis product that provides in-depth analysis of online and offline Web-site performance data in what the company refers to as " near real time." By near real time, Accrue means that data on Web site use is added to a database from which reports can be generated on demand … more like "sorta-real-time."

Hit List is a Web-server log analyzer and a plug-in to the Web server's API (e.g. NSAPI). It collects Web traffic data and its network traffic monitor (called the Network Collector) intelligently watches network packets for HTTP transactions (see http://www.accrue.com/products/Accrue_Hit_List/Hit_List_Architecture/hit_list_architecture.html).

The results could be an enormous amount of data so Hit List provides more than 80 reports formats and can create custom reports from over 375 other data elements (see http://www.accrue.com/products/Accrue_Hit_List/Hit_List_Report_Samples/hit_list_report_samples.html). You’ll really need to plan what to look at unless you like being overwhelmed.

Hit List monitors traffic served from any HTTP Web server on all hardware platforms and supports Oracle databases, IBM DB2 Universal Database and SQL Server databases.

The Network Collector requires Windows NT while administration and reporting functions require a Java-enabled Web browser running on a Wind32 platform.

Pricing for Accrue Hit List begins at $15,000 with the actual price being based on the customer's environment, Web server and network configuration, and training and installation requirements.

Accrue Software

48634 Milmont Dr.

Fremont, Calif. 94538

510-580-4500 / 888-4-ACCRUE

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