ADVA installs FSP 3000 in Hannover metro network

ADVA's Fiber Service Platform 3000 was deployed by a Hannover, Germany, service provider as part of a field trial to expand its metro network.

Hannoversche Telekomunikations-und Netzgesellschaft (HTN) deployed the 32-channel dense wave division multiplexer (DWDM) in a three-node ring in its SDH metro backbone network two weeks ago in order to expand its bandwidth up to 2.5 G bit/sec to large enterprises in the Hannover metro area.

HTN claims to be able to offer various services, such as voice, video, storage and data, flexibly because of dynamic provisioning available through the FSP 3000. The FSP 3000 supports TDM, sublambda multiplexing on a single wavelength and DWDM for multiple wavelengths over a single optical fiber pair.

Despite the variety the FSP 3000 appears to offer, Grier Hansen, carrier and optical analyst for Current Analysis warns that it does not have the strongest DWDM support, nor is it the most feature-rich product on the market. Other possibilities include Cisco's 15454 and the Redback SmartEdge 800 SONET/SDH platforms.

Martin Streifel, HTN's director of network planning, says the company is looking at augmenting its SDH infrastructure with Ethernet and a switched mesh topology to open up more services and additional bandwidth. For future requirements, SDH may not be adequate in keeping up with customer demand for increased bandwidth and additional services, he says.

Pricing details for the FSP 3000 have not been released yet, but it is currently available and being tested in two European markets.

This story, "ADVA installs FSP 3000 in Hannover metro network" was originally published by Network World.

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