Objective analysis of your site

If there’s one thing that frustrates Web users it is poor navigation. There is nothing more irritating than struggling to find the price of a product or the site owner’s telephone number.

This is all part of the " experience " that your Web visitors have on your site, and it weighs heavily not only on what they think of you but also whether they actually do business with you.

WebCriteria (http://www.webcriteria.com/) is a company that tries to provide an objective analysis of your site, points out the problem areas, and compares the site to your competition’s sites. In effect, it provides a breakdown of your site and its architecture, as well as a comparative statistical analysis.

Part of WebCriteria’s service is automated, but the company is smart enough to apply human beings to refine the analysis.

My only reservation about WebCriteria is that it uses one of my least-favorite technologies on its Web site -- Adobe’s PDF -- to display an example of its site-advisory report:


Worse still, on my system the report pops up a complaint that it can’t find " ColorSpace Cs8 " and then renders the embedded diagrams as black boxes.

That little problem aside, the level of analysis that the company provides is great. Check out the sample reports at:


and http://nww1.com/rd/0321web3.html

The comparative reports are a terrific benchmark of where you sit in your industry.

The company’s services are Site Analysis (exactly what you’d expect), Task Analysis (assesses the effectiveness of user interaction with specific tasks such as finding information and checking out a shopping cart) and Solution Services (essentially, consulting on how to fix the problems found in the other two analyses).

WebCriteria's services pricing is based on the number of sites analyzed and the frequency of reporting (typically, monthly or quarterly). Site Analysis starts at $4,500, Task Analysis at $11,000 and Solution Services are a la carte.


621 SW Morrison, Suite 800

Portland OR 97205

503-225-2991 / 1-(888)-CRITERIA

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