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Workers who rely on virtual meetings -- either via phone, video or Web conferencing -- are happier and more productive than those who rely on in-person meetings only, according to a survey conducted by WorldCom and Modalis Research Technologies. "Meetings in America III: A study of the virtual American workforce in 2001" revealed that 61% of survey respondents reinvested the time saved on travel into other work-related tasks, 49% spent the time with their families and 16% said they would trade a larger salary for more work flexibility and time management freedom.

Netgear and SOHOware each announced small-office broadband routers that employ Stateful Packet Inspection technology used in enterprise firewalls to prevent hacker attacks. Netgear's FR314 Cable/DSL Firewall Router ($349) and SOHOware's BroadGuard ($200) each support VPN pass-through, while Netgear's includes content filtering and reporting features.

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Document services provider NetDocuments signed a deal with Hewlett-Packard to integrate HP scanners, digital cameras and multifunction devices with NetDocuments eServices to digitize, share and store documents and photos on the Web as part of HP's Share-to-Web 2.0 software ( The partnership enables HP customers to use the Web as a repository of images, files, photos and documents that they can collect, distribute, collaborate on and print from anywhere.

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