Ads Up


Tired of all those pop-up ads when you surf the Web from your desktop? Too bad.

As part of a trial that began this past December, New York City-based Internet ad aggregator DoubleClick plans to sponsor smaller versions of the same ads for all OmniSky wireless handhelds. If you haven't seen these ads already, you will -- both companies plan to launch more than 200 of them by spring.

According to Jamie Byrnes, director of strategic development and emerging platforms at DoubleClick, officials at both companies expect the plan to establish a viable advertising mechanism for the wireless market.

"The users of wireless handhelds are similar to early Web users in that they are a very tech-savvy early-adopter audience," he says. "This is the audience that attracted advertisers to the Web."

Palo Alto, Calif.-based OmniSky officials agree, justifying their optimism with Jupiter Research reports that say the wireless market will grow to $750 billion by 2005. Based on this, Director of Wireless Advertising Paul Catalano considers the plan a "slam dunk" and says the wireless market could eventually double profits for advertisers. As for users, he says, the deal will make "wireless a true reflection of the Web," bringing e-commerce to the handheld, injecting "advertising into virtually everything."

Just what you were hoping for, or what?

This story, "Ads Up" was originally published by CIO.

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