Interactive scorecard and NetResults: bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange

Every network is unique. This calculator lets you change the weights given to scores from our review to see how this product might be best suited for your needs. Here's how it works: In each category, our reviewers rated this app on a 1-10 basis. These ratings are then multiplied by the percentage weighting, and then added up to give an overall product score. Any score above 9 is considered "world class."

For each category below, assign the percentage weight you think is most appropriate. The percent-o-meter box on the right will keep track of your weightings to let you know when you've reached 100%. When you fill in the last box, hit your enter key, and you'll see how the app rates (along with our final score for comparison).



Category Our weight Your weight
Functionality 50% %
Scalability 30% %
Installation 10% %
Documentation 10% %

Results table

Below, you'll find the 1-10 score given to each app by our reviewers. To obtain the final score: Multiply each individual score by the weighting given that category, then add up all those resulting numbers.

Functionality 8
Scalability 10
Installation 9
Documentation 7
Our total 8.60

Individual category scores are based on a scale of 1 to 10. Percentages are the weight given each category in determining the total score. Scoring key: 10 - Can't be better; 9-8 - Excellent; 7 - Very good; 6-5 - Average; 4-2 - Needs improvement; 1 - Not supported or doesn't work.


bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange

RATING: 8.60

COMPANY: Bindview Development, (800) 749-8439

COST: $995 per Exchange Server and $12.95 per Exchange mailbox.

PROS: Easy to use.

CONS: Could use more automation.

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