Sensing and prophesizing your site

We’ve covered a few performance-measurement services and tools in the past, and today I’ll give you another promising contender in this market: Envive (

Envive’s Prophecy product is a fairly straightforward performance-measuring system that uses Envive’s servers to generate a load, based on scripts that you create using Envive’s client software (a 2M byte download that runs on Windows 98/2000/NT).

The server-based load generation simulates users in detail -- simulating wait times, reaction times, and browser type and version -- and it can vary the input of credit card data and other parameters. The maximum concurrent loading allows up to 100,000 simultaneous users to be simulated.

Envive suggests that Prophecy will enable you to evaluate the following issues:

* How well is my Web site performing?

* Is my site ready for the business day?

* Is my site ready for a surge in traffic?

* How does increasing load affect users response times?

* What is the maximum number of users my site can support?

* What is my site’s reliability and scalability?

* How do application and infrastructure updates affect performance?

Envive’s Sensory product is the real-time monitoring version of Prophecy. The goal is to " verify that the production Web site is delivering the expected service-level objectives. " Sensory is essentially the same as Prophecy, except it performs spot-checks rather than load tests.

Another interesting addition to Envive’s Sensory product is the recently announced streaming-media testing service that the company says offers support for RealNetworks’ RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. Streaming media support for Prophecy will be available within a few months.

Sensory monitors entire streaming transactions to evaluate the end-user experience. It establishes metrics including request time, actual play time, quality of stream download, video vs. audio, number of lost packets, buffering average, frames per second, availability and current bandwidth.

Pricing for Sensory starts at $690 per server per month. Pricing for Prophecy was not available.



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