Lots of guarantees

If you are looking for a VPN service that will get installed reliably, you might give Broadwing Communications a try.

In June, the company will introduce a VPN service called eClass that comes with Broadwing’s guarantee to meet installation dates without fail or it will give customers a period of free service that is yet to be announced.

Customers’ traffic will travel over Broadwing’s private fiber backbone that uses IP-over-SONET technology and that supports three classes of service, each with its own service-level guarantee.

All three classes promise 100% network availability. Real-time Mission Critical class offers 70-millisecond network delay and 0.01% packet loss. Fast class guarantees 85-msec latency and 1% loss; Nonreal-time class promises no more than 125-msec latency and 5% loss.

Customers will be able to change their class of service and tap in to real-time as well as historic performance data via a Web interface.

Services are designed for remote dial-up access, as well as corporate site-to-site VPNs supported by dedicated links to Broadwing’s network. Broadwing establishes IP Security tunnels through its network.

Trials of the service are going on now.

This story, "Lots of guarantees " was originally published by Network World.

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