Compaq debuts new servers aimed at telcos

Compaq Computer Corp. last week launched two AlphaServer systems aimed at telephone company central offices that feature more memory and processing power than previous models.

The company's AlphaServer TS40 and AlphaServer TS20 are NEBS 3-certified servers and support signal processing software, including Compaq's IN7, as well as voice processing software like Dialogic Corp.'s DM3. For carriers and service providers, the servers have features designed to be able to handle applications such as intelligent call routing, network-based call centers, call accounting, caller ID, Internet access and multimedia messaging.

Compaq says the servers can come preconfigured with software and an operating system to reduce installation time. Compaq will also offer service and integration for the servers, including engineering to help meet central office needs.

The TS20/TS40 are part of Compaq's Central Office server family, which already includes the 4100CO and DS10CO. The TS20/TS40 provide more memory and processing power than the DS10CO, which was announced at the end of November.

The DS10 features the Alpha processor module with a 21264 processor sporting a 466-MHz CPU, or a 600-MHz CPU with ECC cache and up to 2G bytes of ECC 100-MHz memory. The server supports Compaq's Tru64 Unix. IDC estimates show that in 1999, worldwide server revenue was $61.4 billion, with $28 billion in Unix sales.

Both servers are available immediately and come with a standard three-year warranty. Pricing was not available.

This story, "Compaq debuts new servers aimed at telcos" was originally published by Network World.

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