IBM makes storage Linux-friendly

IBM Corp. will make its storage products Linux compatible for both hardware and software, the company announced Friday.

IBM's Shark enterprise storage servers can now be connected to IBM S/390 mainframes or eServer z900 servers running Linux. IBM announced Linux support will be available in June for FAStT200 and FAStT500 disk storage servers connected to Intel-based servers. Ultrium linear tape open drives and Magstar 3590 tape products will also support Linux for tape back-up solutions later this year, the company said.

"By the end of the year, everything we have, from disk to tape, will be Linux-enabled," said Glenn Hintze, an IBM spokesman for storage. The effort to Linux-ize IBM's storage systems comes from the company's commitment to open-source platforms, he said.

IBM's systems management software subsidiary, Tivoli Systems Inc., will also offer Linux-enabled storage management software -- Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli SANergy and Tivoli Storage Network Manager.

Tivoli Storage Manager is Linux-enabled for both eServer xSeries and eServer z900 servers. Tivoli Storage Network Manager on Intel platforms also is Linux ready. Tivoli will offer Linux on its other platforms later this year, according to IBM.

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