Failed router snags e-mail for Verizon ISP customers

A failed router in the Irving, Texas, office of Verizon Communications caused sporadic e-mail access problems for users in the 30 states where the telcommunications and Internet services provider operates, a spokesman said.

The router belongs to GTE Services Corp., a business unit of GTE Corp., which merged with Bell Atlantic Corp. last year to form Verizon.

The router began to malfunction Monday, said Verizon spokesman Larry Plumb, and was "flapping" for three days. Users could get incoming e-mail only sporadically, in essence when the "flap" was open. The number of users affected by the e-mail problem wasn't known.

Verizon had router and software vendors working to find the source of the problem and to fix it.

"Our own team ran it to ground," Plumb said, and e-mail access is back to normal.

This story, "Failed router snags e-mail for Verizon ISP customers" was originally published by Computerworld.

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