Dell moves on up with Cellular Multiprocessing

Dell is moving into the high-end enterprise market with the introduction of a 32-processor server for data-intensive environments.

With help from Unisys, Dell will use the Cellular MultiProcessing (CMP) architecture to build servers that offer high performance and scalability in Windows 2000 Datacenter environments. Each of the 32 processors can run the same operating system or be partitioned to run up to eight different operating systems. If a server is partitioned, each partition can be configured with a different number of processors, I/O modules and amounts of memory. In addition, resources can be reallocated between partitions on the fly without taking down the system.

The CMP architecture uses Intel Pentium III Xeon microprocessors and will support the 64-bit Itanium when it is available. It can support more than 90 PCI channels and uses a crossbar switch to remove latency issues with symmetric multiprocessing buses. Unisys supports Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Caldera UnixWare.

Compaq and Hewlett-Packard have also committed to use Unisys' CMP architecture to build multiprocessing Intel-based servers.

Dell's CMP servers will be available in the first quarter next year.

This story, "Dell moves on up with Cellular Multiprocessing " was originally published by Network World.

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