IBM's software rejuvenation

IBM has re-introduced software that can sense when a server is going to go down and safely shut it down before damage occurs.

Through a feature called Software Rejuvenation, the software uses artificial intelligence to determine when problems are about to occur. The self-healing software detects a process called "aging," in which abnormalities build up over time and cause memory errors and consume computer resources.

Software Rejuvenation watches the activity of the server, determines the stress the server is under and will restart the server if necessary. Software Rejuvenation will become part of IBM’s recently introduced IBM Director, which is included with its xSeries servers. XSeries servers run Windows NT and Linux.

Software Rejuvenation was previously available on the company’s NetFinity 5600. It calculated when drivers, middleware, applications or the operating system might fail and automatically refreshed the application to avoid system failure.

The Gartner Group has estimated that up to 40% of server failures are caused by software and that server downtime caused by software failures on Intel-based environment is more than two times that associated with hardware failures.

Server failures that lead to downtime can cost companies as much as $27,000 per minute according to The Standish Group.

This story, "IBM's software rejuvenation " was originally published by Network World.

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