IBM rolls out Linux server

IBM last month introduced a powerful new server at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in New York, strengthening its commitment to the open source operating system.

The eServer x430 is a midrange machine designed to bridge the gap between smaller Intel-based servers and mainframes. It uses the Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) server architecture and has up to 64 processors. The eServer x430 runs IBM's Linux Application Environment (LAE) on top of the DYNIX/ptx operating system. IBM came by the NUMA architecture and DYNIX/ptx, a variant of Unix, when it acquired Sequent Computer Systems in 1999. NUMA servers can run up to two operating systems concurrently.

The LAE provides additional scalability to Linux applications. LAE runs on top of the DYNIX/ptx kernel and lets administrators use operating system features such as multipath fault tolerant I/O, workload management and Fibre Channel storage-area networking connectivity.

With Linux on DYNIX/ptx, users can run Linux applications without changes on Unix or run Linux and DYNIX/ptx applications side by side. It also lets users scale Linux past eight processors and use up to 64 processors, 64 G-bytes of memory and 192 terabytes of storage.

This story, "IBM rolls out Linux server " was originally published by Network World.

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