Does your network stack up?

Ever wonder what the other guy's network looks like? Ever try to figure out if your network is cutting edge, just average or behind the times? We've been wondering what the typical corporate network looks like, too.

So we decided to find out.

We surveyed 250 network executives and asked them to describe their network. We crunched the numbers, took the top response in each category and came up with a diagram (below) which represents what the majority of you have in your shops.

Here are some of the findings, based on our survey results:

  • More desktops are running Windows 95 today than Windows 98.
  • Only 4% of desktops are connected to token-ring nets vs. 96% for Ethernet.
  • Switched 100M bit/sec Ethernet rules the LAN.
  • Eighty percent of LAN traffic is IP, followed by IPX at 16%.
  • Hubs and Layer 2 switches are the most popular wiring closet devices.
  • When it comes to file, print and application server software, Windows NT beats NetWare, 53% to 36%.
  • Gigabit Ethernet also dominates the backbone. It's twice as popular as ATM or FDDI.
  • DSL, cable modem and wireless get all the attention, but more data traffic is running over frame relay.
  • The most popular connect from corporate headquarters to your ISP is a T-1 line.

This story, "Does your network stack up?" was originally published by Network World.

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