RapidStream unveils VPN devices

VPN appliance maker RapidStream has come out with a faster box that can protect an OC-3 Internet connection with a single firewall and fill the link with Triple-DES-encrypted VPN traffic.

The device sits behind a WAN router and terminates VPN tunnels, provides firewall protection and processes the encryption of the VPN traffic -- all at line speed.

The RapidStream 8000 comes in two models, one for enterprises and one for service providers.

The enterprise option supports 128,000 firewalled sessions and up to 20,000 individual VPN tunnels. It is designed to sit in the central site of a corporate network and handle traffic from branch offices as well as individuals dialing in over the Internet. It costs $30,000.

The service provider option supports just 10 tunnels, but is designed for service providers that want to link data centers over a secure IP backbone. It costs $20,000.

RapidStream is also introducing a new version of its software that enables what it calls "tunnel switching," a technology that makes it simpler to manage VPN security policies. Rather than having to update policies at each RapidStream device and VPN client on the network, the network manager sets them at a central RapidStream 8000, or its smaller sibling the RapidStream 6000.

Anytime a remote site wants to connect to the VPN, the traffic must first be cleared by the centrally located RapidStream concentrator. So if a user at site A wanted to connect to site B, that connection would first have to be cleared by the central RapidStream concentrator at site C.

With the addition of the RapidStream 8000, the company feels its product line is nearly fleshed out. As a result it plans to start aggressive marketing, so you may be hearing about this equipment soon through advertising.

As a newcomer with fast, reasonably priced equipment, this company is worth checking out.

This story, "RapidStream unveils VPN devices " was originally published by Network World.

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