Telco Systems targets edge gear at enterprise

Telco Systems says it's making a push into the corporate market with a family of switches designed to fill a relatively small niche.

The company, which has traditionally sold to carriers, has a new enterprise sales team that is trying to sell a series of LAN-WAN Ethernet switches called EdgeLinkT to corporations.

The EdgeLinkT series includes one model clearly designed for customer sites that nevertheless had been generally targeted at service providers for their managed-service programs.

EdgeLink T5 Compact is a nonblocking 10/100 Ethernet workgroup switch with dual Gigabit Ethernet uplinks. The switch can support up to 48 10/100 Ethernet ports and can also serve as a departmental concentrator.

Clinton Clements, a Telco Systems vice president, says the company expects to sell 90% of these newly available boxes to companies and the rest to carriers. Carriers would place one at a customer site and sell services via individual Ethernet ports. The service could be metered down to deliver bandwidth in 64K bit/sec increments, Telco Systems says.

Also aimed at the corporate market is the EdgeLink T4, a nonblocking workgroup switch that supports up to 96 10/100 Ethernet ports and also has Gigabit Ethernet uplinks. It supports very-high bit rate DSL (VDSL), which can be used to deliver high-bandwidth services over regular copper phone lines at distances of up to 4,000 feet. Telco Systems expects 70% of these boxes to be sold to companies.

"It's refreshing to see someone move to the enterprise and not just sell [customer site equipment] to carriers," says Ray Keneipp, an analyst with The Burton Group. But he says the attraction will be limited because other vendors, such as Cisco and Nortel Networks, sell a more complete line of enterprise gear. "They [Telco Systems] try to differentiate themselves with VDSL, but that is not for wide use in enterprises."

Telco Systems says companies can use VDSL on campuses that need high-speed connections and have copper, but not fiber connecting buildings.

Once a company has bought a Telco Systems switch, Telco Systems will try to encourage the customer to buy even higher capacity equipment, such as packet-over-SONET gear it's developing, says Jim Sevier, Telco Systems' director of enterprise business development. The EdgeLinkT5 Pro will be previewed at the SuperComm show in June.

The company is also introducing symmetric DSL capability supporting 10M bit/sec in both directions, a configuration suitable for Ethernet LAN extensions. The company is incorporating this technology in its EdgeLink V24S VDSL switch and EdgeLink NTU customer-site devices.

Telco Systems has plans for T6 through T8 models of its EdgeLink line that will be stackable to provide higher capacity.

The T8, not due out until early next year, will support photonic switching, in which entire wavelengths of light are trunked through the equipment, the company says.

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